"We have redefined the demands of nutritional supplements for women."


We are the founders of casimir – Alisa Türck and Cindy Alambwa. Two long-time friends, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and proud mothers.

Our belief is that a world in which women have equal rights is a better one. That's why we want to specifically empower women.

We know how important health is in order to be able to manage private and professional life. Because of this, we have dealt with all facets of conscious, healthy and balanced nutrition. We discovered that consistent implementation in everyday life is not always possible and that dietary supplements can be a logical addition to our diet.

However, we discovered that there are no products that address the needs of women and are dosed specifically for women. Most manufacturers are still based on the reference values ​​for adults, which are predominantly male test subjects. It became clear to us: We want to contribute something meaningful!

Our mission is to ensure more transparency in women's health and counteract the “gender data gap”. The individual needs of women therefore play a central role in our product development.

Casimir is the first company to provide gender-specific reference values, although these have not previously been required by law. We would like to set an example in the industry and establish new standards.

With casimir we have redefined the demands on dietary supplements.