Skin, hair, nails

A radiant, fresh complexion, shiny hair and strong nails are not only external signs of beauty, but also indicators of health from within.

Proper care begins with a good supply of nutrients. High-quality nutritional supplements can play a crucial role in this. Vitamins such as C and E, minerals such as zinc and superfoods such as chlorella and turmeric are known for their positive influence on skin, hair and nails. They promote detoxification (Zn, chlorella), cell protection (C, E), cell division (Zn), strengthen the connective tissue (C), stimulate collagen production (C) and improve hair structure (Keranat - N1, turmeric, Zn).

True beauty comes from within, which is why we should give our skin, hair and nails the opportunity to develop healthily on their own. What is normal for external care should not be neglected on the inside either.